Thermo King Reefer Units: Maintenance & Tips Guide

Thermo King Reefer Units: Maintenance & Tips Guide

Thermo King Reefer Units: What You Need to Know

Are you looking to learn more about Thermo King Reefers and how to maintain them? Welcome to our quick guide to Thermo King Reefer units! Here are some quick facts that can help you gain insights into their operation and learn how to care for your Thermo King Reefer unit. Let's dive in! 

What is a Thermo King Reefer?

A Thermo King Reefer is a durable and dependable refrigeration unit made with condenser grilles, composite doors, controllers, and more. These units are designed to keep your cargo as cool as it needs to be so that you arrive safely to your destination. 

How to Add Coolant to a Thermo King Reefer?

Proper maintenance of coolant levels is crucial for the efficient operation of Thermo King Reefer units. To add coolant to your Thermo King Reefer, follow these steps:

  1. Locate the Coolant Reservoir: Check the user manual or the unit itself to locate the coolant reservoir. The reservoir should be visible and contain red color.
  2. Prepare the Coolant: Use the recommended coolant type for your Thermo King Reefer unit.
  3. Add Coolant: Slowly pour the coolant into the reservoir to the appropriate level. Be sure not to overfill.
  4. Check for Leaks: After adding coolant, check the connections and hoses for any leaks.

How Much Does a Thermo King Reefer Unit Weigh?

The weight of a Thermo King Reefer unit can vary depending on the model and capacity. Generally, these units can weigh anywhere from 800 to 2,000 pounds. For specific weight information, refer to the unit's specifications or consult the manufacturer.

How to Clear Codes on Thermo King Reefer?

Clearing error codes on your Thermo King Reefer unit is essential to maintain optimal performance. To clear codes:

  1. Access the Control Panel: Navigate to the control panel of the Reefer unit.
  2. Enter Diagnostic Mode: Follow the instructions in the user manual, Zone Level or Unit Level, to enter diagnostic mode.
  3. Clear Error Codes: Once in diagnostic mode, locate the option to clear error codes and follow the prompts on the screen.
  4. Verify Clearing: After clearing the codes, monitor the unit to ensure the errors are resolved.

How to Prime a Thermo King Reefer?

Primarily after maintenance or repairs, priming your Thermo King Reefer unit is necessary to ensure proper operation. To prime the unit:

  1. Turn Off the Unit: Ensure the Reefer unit is powered off before starting the priming process.
  2. Locate the Fuel Primer: Refer to the user manual to locate the fuel primer pump.This function runs the fuel pump for up to five minutes to prime the fuel lines.
  3. Prime the Unit: Depress the fuel primer pump several times until you feel resistance or notice fuel flowing.
  4. Verify Priming: Once priming is complete, start the unit and verify proper operation.

Shop Thermo King at PitStop

We hope these quick facts have provided valuable insights into operating and maintaining your Thermo King Reefer unit. Stay tuned for more helpful tips and take a look at our website for other services as well. Don't hesitate to reach out to us or visit PitStop's location on Interstate 80 in Joliet, Illinois, with any questions or concerns. We're here to help!
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