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PitStop Deer Guards Collection

PitStop provides a wide selection of deer guards you can use to protect your truck from damage. Deer guards help to keep the front end of your truck from being damaged in the event of an accident involving an animal, such as a deer. These deer guards are attached to the front end of your truck on the bumper, and the steel bars then serve as a barrier between an animal and your truck. Purchasing deer guards now will help you save later.

Which Deer Guard To Purchase

There are many different styles of deer guards to purchase. The main difference between the different deer guard models is in the height of protection you are looking for. Some deer guards, like the Model 12 Semi Truck Deer Moose Tuff Guard, protect the lower half of your truck’s front end bumper with fewer rows of steel bars. These deer guards are about 27 to 29 inches tall. Other deer guards, like the Model 7 Semi Truck Deer Moose Tuff Guard provide protection for over half of your truck’s front end, and have more rows of steel bars to act as a barrier. These taller deer guards reach about 30 inches to 37 inches in height. 

Any PitStop deer guard model you choose is going to protect your truck during an animal-involved accident. The level of protection you are looking for will determine which model of deer guard you choose for your truck. PitStop has many deer guard models that are constructed using heavy-duty stainless steel to provide stylish and durable protection for your truck’s front end. 

All PitStop deer guard models are compatible with big-name truck styles, such as Volvo VNL, International, Freightliner Cascadia, and Kenworth. View the different aftermarket and ex-guard models, and the bracket sets you’ll need to install the deer guard. Find the guard that will work best for your protection needs at PitStop!

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