Bumper Sets Volvo VNL 2016-17 Style

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Old Gen Volvo VNL Bumpers

PitStop has plenty to offer when it comes to bumpers made for the 2016-2017 models of the Volvo VNL. Not only are there individual left, right, and center bumpers, but there is also a whole selection of painted bumpers to choose from. Most of the bumper choices are aftermarket and made of ABS plastic, either primed or pre-painted.

Old Gen (2016-2017) Volvo VNL Bumper Sets

There are two bumper sets available for the 2016-2017 Volvo VNL. Both sets come with three parts: the center bumper and two corner bumpers for both the driver's and passenger’s sides. Both sets are aftermarket, made of ABS plastic and are primed to be painted. The major difference between these two sets is simply that one contains cut-outs for fog lights, while the other does not. The best thing about the bumper sets is you can order them online.

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