Semi Truck Brake Drums

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What Are Brake Drums?

Brake drums function by slowing the rotation of your wheels through friction along with the brake shoe. Brake drums are also responsible for gathering and releasing excess heat that is created when you brake. This necessary process ensures that the friction between the drum and the shoe decreases as the temperature rises. If your vehicle uses brake drums, PitStop has what you need in our selection of brake drums and brake drum kits to make it easy for you to replace the old ones.

Brake Drums at PitStop 

At PitStop, we provide brake drums and brake drum kits. The brake drum options are premium brake drums with slightly differing sizes. One drum option measures 16.500" x 7.000" while the other measures 16.500" x 8.625". Both of these options’ precise measurements are available when you click your preferred brake drum. These parts must be purchased accurately, so be sure to call your dealership for the correct part number. 

Our brake drum kits offer air disc brake pads with hardware kits included. Both kits are premium quality, made in Europe, and are a set for one axle. As with the brake drums, you will need to make sure of the part number your vehicle requires and cross reference it with the numbers we provide at PitStop.

Get Your Replacement Brake Drums At PitStop

Make your way to our convenient Interstate 80 location in Joliet, IL, to pick up your brake drums or kit, while you can also enjoy one of the many services we offer at our location.
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