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Volvo VNL 2018-Current

In 2017, Volvo released the newest redesign of the Volvo VNL. A well established vehicle from 2004 onward, this Volvo VNL received a great deal of new updates. These included a brand new dashboard, new aerodynamic parts, and, in the sleeper cabin, a reclining bunk.

If you need any parts for your new Volvo VNL model, come to PitStop and see the large selection of truck and trailer parts that we have to offer, or browse our selection online.

Volvo VNL 2018-Current Bumpers

At PitStop, you can find a variety of bumpers for Volvo VNL models, including for your 2018 or newer truck. The aftermarket bumpers come in a few selections. For example, left and right bumpers with cutouts for fog lights or left and right bumpers without cutouts. There are also center bumper options, including one made of the same ABS plastic as the left and right bumpers, or a full stainless steel chrome bumper that you can install. 

Drop by PitStop on I-80 for all of your truck and trailer part needs, and feel free to ask our staff any questions you may have.

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