Old Gen Volvo VNL Bumpers

PitStop is home to many bumpers for several truck models, including the old gen (2004-2015) Volvo VNL. You can choose from individual bumpers if you only need your left, right, or center bumper replaced. Bumper sets are also an option for the 2004-2015 Volvo VNL, including those with fog light cut outs and those without. Browse PitStop options for bumpers you need, including the painted bumpers we have.

Painted Bumpers for Old Gen Volvo VNL

Shop the painted bumpers for 2004-2015 Volvo VNLs with ease. Right, left, and center bumpers are all available in painted white. If you need a replacement bumper without having to worry about your vehicle’s original color, there are other colorful bumper options to match your Volvo VNL.

Come to PitStop

Want to see our products in person? Drop by PitStop on one of your drives at our convenient Interstate 80 location in Joliet, Illinois. You can shop bumpers as well as many other truck and trailer parts with us, and, if you need them, take part in one of the many services we offer.


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