Volvo VNL 04-15 Painted White P3029 Bumper Corner Right Passenger Side WITH Fog Light Cut-out 85135783

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Volvo VNL Bumpers (2004-2015)

You can choose from a large number of bumper sets at PitStop if you drive an old generation Volvo VNL. PitStop offers individual left, right, and center bumpers, bumper sets, and painted bumpers

The Volvo VNL is the only brand at PitStop to have its own selection of painted bumpers, which are either primed in a white finish or have already been painted to match your vehicle. The painted bumpers are available in left, right, and center options, as well as a white painted bumper set. You can easily shop our selection depending on how many of your bumpers need replacing, or what is easiest for you to choose.


Old Gen Volvo VNL Painted Right Bumper

One of these painted bumpers is this right or passenger side corner bumper which includes a fog light cutout. This right bumper has already been painted Glacier White to match the original paint color on the old generation Volvo VNL trucks. This is a sturdy aftermarket bumper. Before you order this item, make sure that your original bumper part number is 82721512 and/or 85135783. 

This item can be shipped directly to you, or you can pick it up at our convenient location on Interstate 80 in Joliet, IL. If you’d like to drop by our location, you can pick up your order and take part in one or more of our many services while you’re there.


Product Specs

Original Volvo part numbers: 82721512 & 85135783

Brand: Aftermarket

Fits: Volvo VNL 2004-2015

Paint code: P3029 Glacier White

Includes:  Right/passenger side corner bumper WITH the fog light cut-out.

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