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Wheel Covers

If your truck’s wheels could use some extra protection, or if their covers need to be replaced, you might want to consider a wheel cover. Wheel covers are used to protect the wheel hub on vehicles from things like environmental problems such as moisture, debris, salt, and more getting into the wheel’s lug nuts. Heat can also cause this problem and slowly wear down the bearings. Use a wheel cover and prevent this from happening.

Chrome Wheel Covers at PitStop

Shop wheel covers with PitStop and discover a solution to this problem with our chrome wheel covers. You can purchase either a normal chrome wheel cover or a spiked wheel cover for an extra stylish touch to the wheels while keeping them protected. Both come in sets of two for the front and four for the back of the truck and include the lug nuts as well as a lug nut cover. Choose the right set for you and keep your truck protected.

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