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New Gen Freightliner Cascadia Replacement Parts

Purchase a wide variety of truck and trailer parts for your New Gen Freighliner Cascadia. PitStop provides bumpers and bumper sets, coolant tanks, chrome accessories, fairings, and grilles, lights and mirrors. No matter the problem, you can find the right replacement part for your truck and even your trailer. 

New Gen Freightliner Cascadia Lights

Not surprisingly, among these many replacement parts, are plenty of different light sets to match your New Gen Freighliner Cascadia. These include full LED headlights for both the driver side and the curbside. You can also shop for chrome LED fog light sets in chrome or black. 


PitStop offers even more truck and trailer parts for various truck models or for your trailer or cabin needs. Stop by our Interstate 80 location in Joliet, Illinois for parts and other services. Or, shop conveniently online!

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