Quarter Fenders

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Quarter Fenders

Quarter fenders are helpful for protecting your truck cab from dust, dirt, and debris. This truck part comes in handy if you are looking to protect the front of your tires. Varying fender sizes depend on how much you would like to cover your wheel. Make sure to try our quarter fenders if you are looking to avoid damage to the truck from a smaller amount of debris.

Shop Our Quarter Fenders

Browse our quarter fenders, almost all of which are made from stainless steel. If you’re looking for something less heavy-duty, choose our black POLY plastic model instead. Choose the bracket you think will look best with your truck. PitStop provides the following bracket shapes:

  • Tube bracket
  • Triangle bracket


All tube bracket sets come as a pair with mounting hardware for easy installation for your truck or trailer. Triangle bracket sets are also available in pairs and are simple to install. 

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