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Thermo King Precedent Unit Models

Thermo King has a selection of excellent refrigeration units for trailers. The Precedent Unit models are especially useful, as Thermo King promises that these units will lower costs, perform consistently, and cut down on maintenance. Changes made to these models also include fuel filtration systems, stronger protection grilles, and more.

Thermo King Replacement Parts for Models S-600, S-700, C-600, C-600M

Shop PitStop’s selection of Thermo King refrigeration unit replacement parts. S models and C models, part of the Precedent Unit models, require different parts from other models of the Thermo King reefers. We offer these and more. Shop for roadside and curbside door panel replacements from PitStop’s collection of replacement parts for S-600, S-700 C-600, and C-600M units.


Looking for different Thermo King reefer replacement parts? Shop here for the full selection, or here for non-Precedent models. If you’re looking for even more truck and trailer parts, make your way over to Joliet, Illinois where PitStop is conveniently located, or explore more online. Our friendly staff can help you find the parts you need for your truck or trailer.

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