Floor Mats Volvo New Gen

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Volvo VNL 2018-Current Parts

You can shop a wide variety of truck parts for the Volvo VNL new gen (2018-current) models with PitStop. Shop for parts such as bumper sets, grills, chrome accessories, and more. Included among these many truck parts for the VNL are up-to-date and durable floor mat sets. If you’re looking for new floor mats or simply want to keep your truck cabin floor cleaner and safer, give them a try.

New Gen Volvo VNL Floor Mats

The 2-piece floor mat set works for models from 2004 to current models from 2021. It provides protection from mud, dirt, and other debris and is durable no matter what time of the year you’re driving. Despite not being advertised as an all-weather mat, this set promises not to crack or curl even in harsher weather conditions. To shop more floor mat options for the Volvo VNL, you can also browse our complete selection.

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