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What Are Mud Flap Hangers?

Mud flap hangers are the accessories used to help securely attach mud flaps to semi trucks. Mud flaps are beneficial to have on trucks, as they provide protection for the truck, other vehicles, and pedestrians from any dirt or debris that may become airborne as a result of spinning truck tires.

PitStop Mud Flap Hangers And Styles 

PitStop offers a wide selection of different mud flap hangers to make installation of mud flaps easier and more effectively protect your truck. Choose from stainless steel hangers, black powder coated hangers, and quarter fenders based on your mud flap needs. 

PitStop carries different mud flap styles to fit what you are looking for. Stainless steel mud flaps, including the 45 Angled Spring Mud Flap Hanger Set and the 30'' Straight Mud Flap Hanger, come in both angled and straight designs made of stainless steel for optimal durability. 

The mud flap hangers PitStop carries also come in a black powder coated finish. Like the stainless steel mud flap hangers, you can choose black powder coated mud flap hangers that are either angled or straight in design. These mud flap hangers also have different bolt spacings ranging from 1 ⅛ inches to 2 ½ inches.

PitStop also carries a Quarter Fender Set if you want more protection in one purchase. With a stainless steel tube bracket that is 24”x24”, this quarter fender set can be used to cover the wheels of your truck to serve as protection from any dirt or debris your truck drives across on the road. 

The mounting hardware is included for all three mud flap hanger styles, and can be paired with any Volvo VNL truck parts, Freightliner Cascadia truck parts, or Kenworth truck parts.
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