Coolant Tank Peterbilt 579

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Coolant Tanks

Coolant tanks are an important part of any vehicle. They are meant to store coolant and regulate any excess that is made by the heat of the engine. When the heat rises, the coolant flows into the coolant tank. After you shut off your engine, the coolant is absorbed back into the radiator.

Replacements for a coolant tank can cost a lot of money. Some tanks can even be upwards of $400 or more if labor is also included! However, PitStop’s Peterbilt 579 coolant tank comes at a much lower price.

Peterbilt 579 Coolant Tank

This coolant reservoir tank fits perfectly into the Peterbilt 579, and it also fits the Kenworth T680, T880, 2013 and newer. The coolant tank comes with a reservoir cap and level sensor, as well as a direct replacement. Purchase this item for your Peterbilt or Kenworth, and it will not break the bank as some other replacements might.

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