Grille Peterbilt 579

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Grille Overlays

Just as the name will tell you, grille overlays are meant to be installed over top of your existing grille. Their purpose might depend on the truck driver, however, as they are one of a few options for a custom grille. They may serve a simple, visually appealing purpose. Grille overlays are also easy and quick to install if you’re hoping for a custom grille.

Peterbilt Grille Overlays from PitStop

If you have a Peterbilt 579, you’re in luck. PitStop has grille overlays designed for just Peterbilt trucks. You have your choice of two different grille overlays: one with a bug screen and one without. Shop the right grille overlay depending on your grille setup and other needs. Keep your grille unique and even bug-free with these overlays.

Visit PitStop

Want to see our grille overlays in person? Make a visit to PitStop on one of your drives at our convenient Interstate 80 location in Joliet, Illinois. Buy the parts you need, or take part in one of our many other services for any needs that you and your truck may have.

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