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Volvo VNL 2004-2015

The Volvo VNL has been around for many years and is a popular truck model. Volvo continues to improve the VNL over the years. When the VNL (L standing for long bonnet) was first introduced in 2004, if featured new headlamps, a new interior, and a new hood. Many versions have since been released, including the models that improved upon the 2004 version until 2015. As the old gen Volvo VNL models get older, parts may slowly become more difficult to come by. PitStop can help with yout Volvo VNL truck part needs, including bumpers for the 2004-2015 VNL models

Volvo VNL 2004-2015 Bumpers

Purchase bumpers at PitStop for your Volvo VNL. Choose from a selection of left and right corner bumpers in addition to a center bumper option. The corner bumpers have either a fog light cut out option or no cut out option. The center bumper and corner bumpers are aftermarket products made from ABS plastic that is primed and ready to be painted.

If you need bumpers for Volvo VNL model from 2004-2015, feel free to visit PitStop’s convenient I-80 location in Joliet, IL to purchase them, or simply order online!

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