Fuel Additives

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Fuel Additives

If you are considering using a fuel additive for your truck but are feeling confused as to what to choose, let’s break down the functions of certain fuel additives and what they may offer. 

There are two main types of fuel additives: fuel stabilizers and fuel enhancers. The enhancers are made to help the performance of your fuel, while the stabilizers will help your engine and injectors not to be overwhelmed.

So when would you need a fuel additive? If you are driving an older truck model or if your vehicle requires a lot of maintenance, you can use a fuel additive. Also, if you’re hoping for something to stabilize your vehicle in extreme weather, some additives help with that as well.

Fuel Additives from PitStop

Shop PitStop’s two options for fuel additives for your older truck model and find the right match for your vehicle as well as your drives. Both varieties of fuel additives offer either a cetane or diesel boost, but their main difference is what type of weather you are driving in, as well as how much performance you want your vehicle to have.

Choose the Peak Blue Anti-Gel Diesel Fuel Additive for Cold Weather Performance if your drives are often in extreme cold weather, you need a cetane boost, and you also want to keep your fuel from gelling in low temperatures. However, you can also purchase the all weather fuel additive from Peak for a diesel boost and high performance functions. You’ll find what is right for your truck depending on your needs.

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