At PitStop, we offer a wide range of aftermarket replacement doors and grilles for your X2, X4, and Vector Carrier Transicold units. These replacement outer doors and grilles provide your truck with the protection you need to shield against damage from debris, weather conditions, and other damage that can occur on long hauls. 

This Vector Front Door Roadside is designed to fit X2 and X4 Carrier Reefers and act as a replacement or an upgrade for pre-existing doors. This roadside door offers durability and protection on your refrigeration units so you can drive any distance without worry. It comes with the hinges and rubber seals necessary for secure installation and direct replacement of part 58-04742-18.

Looking for additional protection? Order this Center Grille to shield the front end of your truck from damage. This grille is made using durable, high-quality materials that create a long-lasting and stylish solution. It serves as a direct replacement for part 58-04736-00 and is compatible with several different X2 and X4 reefers. 

If you have questions about which protective outer door or grille is right for your truck, contact us today!
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