Premium Brake Drum 16.500" X 7.000" Balanced 3922X ABPN42A 56864B 3398-3922X

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Premium 16.500” X 7.000” Balanced Brake Drum

With the right brake drums, you can equip your trucks with a more forceful and efficient braking system. At PitStop, we offer this 16.500” X 7.000” Premium Balanced Brake Drum for your high-performing semis. 

This balanced brake drum is made from durable premium cast iron that will last through tough weather and long hauls, and provide you with a secure drum solution. It is made in Europe and designed to offer long-lasting results. 

Fitment Of The Balanced Brake Drum

Buying brake drums by make and model is one of the most common mistakes. To avoid that, refer to the cross-reference part number list below: 

  • Mack 3398-3922X
  • Gunite 3922X
  • Freightliner A1657VB, A1657 VB, ABP N42A, ABPN42A, N42 A1657VB, N42A1657VB
  • Webb 56864B, 56864F, 76864B
  • DuraBrake 53-123818-002
  • Meritor 85123788002, 53-123818-002, 53123818002
  • DTNA Alliance ABPN42A1657VB,
  • FleetPride OTR1601B

To find the best fit for your truck, please call your dealer and ask for the part number. Then, match it with the cross-reference part number listed above, or, see the diagram picture to ensure all of the specs are exactly the same. 

Product Specs


A.Brake Surface Diameter: 16.50”

B.Brake Surface Width: 7.78”

C.Bolt Circle Diameter: 11.25”

D.Bolt Hole Size: 1.00”

E.Pilot Diameter: 8.78”

F.Overall Depth: 10.56”

G.Mounting Flange Thickness: 0.53”

The price listed is for local pick-up only. For shipping requests, contact us and have a commercial address ready to provide.

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