Air Disc Brake Pads With Hardware Kit Set For One Axle SAF Holland SB2220KO 03057000600

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Air Disc Brake Pads With Hardware Kit

These Air Disc Brake Pads by PitStop offer an effective alternative to traditional drum braking systems. These brake pads are durable, safe, and can be easily installed on your truck to create a strong braking system. The eight air disc brake pads, otherwise referred to as ADBs or disc brakes, come with the hardware kit necessary for a successful installation. They are made in Europe and offer a high-performing solution for one axle.

Air Disc Brake Pads Fitment

Proper fitment of your brake pads is essential for proper brake functioning and safety. When ordering brake pads, call your dealer and ask for the part number. Then, match it with the cross-reference part number list below: 

  • SAF Holland 03057000600


If you have questions about this air disc brake pad kit, contact us for assistance.

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