Premium 16' x 27' 14oz Ripstop Steel Trailer Step deck Tarp with 4' Flap

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16' X 27' 14OZ RIPSTOP STEEL TARP WITH 4’ FLAP by Pit Stop Truck Parts

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Dimensions: 16’ x 27’
Flap: 4’ x 8’
Color: Black
Material: 14 oz RipSTOP Vinyl
Rows Of D-Rings: 2 Rows
Grommets: One row on outside edge clinched every 2 feet all the way around tarp

When you need a great quality tarp that will last, you can depend on Pit Stop Truck Parts. Our Ripstop Tarps are made with fabric that is woven using a technique to make them more resistant to tearing and ripping. These fabrics are interwoven at regular intervals in a crosshatch pattern, making them incredibly strong. The advantages of the ripstop fabric include a high strength-to-weight ratio and resistance to continued tearing even if punctured.

This tarp is manufactured from premium lightweight 14oz vinyl. The hems are meticulously stitched with the thickest thread. Our seams are heat-bonded and sealed to reinforce the tight seal needed to keep you on the road and your cargo delivered.

All the rows of the D-rings are sewn in on seat belt webbing to provide the strength needed for the tie downs it will endure.

Since this is a lightweight tarp, you will need to take extra care to protect it from ripping. Be sure to use corner protectors, moving blankets, etc., while covering your cargo with these RipSTOP tarps. Our Customer Service representatives are available to guide you to the best options in our selection to fit your needs.

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