Premium Transport Binder Chain 20 ft 3/8" Diameter Ultimate Strength & Durability by Pit Stop Truck Parts

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Introducing the G70 Transport Binder Chain by Pit Stop Truck Parts – Excellence in Strength, Security, and Durability for All Your Heavy Lifting Needs!

Key Features:

  • Superior Grade & Strength: Adhering to the G80 standard, our transport binder chain is unmatched in tensile strength. Measuring 20 ft in length and 3/8 inch in diameter, it boasts a breaking strength greater than 800 Mpa, ensuring resilience in demanding situations.

  • Exceptional Load Capacity: Designed to bear heavy weights, our chain has a working load capacity of 7100 lbs. With a 4:1 security factor, it ensures that the limit load surpasses the security load by four times, offering peace of mind during usage.

  • Safety First: Meeting stringent DOT requirements, every section of our chain features distinct imprint marks for easy identification. Crafted to withstand the rigors of hefty objects, always operate within its safe load range for optimal results.

  • Quality Construction: The beauty of our chain isn't just skin deep. While it is galvanized for rust resistance and a polished look, the heart of the chain is made of alloy steel. Paired with solid shaft pins and grab hooks, expect enduring performance from a robust construction.

  • Versatile Applications: Designed with versatility in mind, this chain fits seamlessly into various scenarios. Whether it's a factory, construction site, mining activity, or a port, rely on our heavy-duty chain for safe traction and transport of goods.

Experience the Pit Stop Truck Parts Difference!
For a reliable, safe, and efficient load securement and transportation solution, choose the G80 Transport Binder Chain. Dive into the world of impeccable quality and unparalleled strength with us.

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