Thermo King Reefer CURBSIDE Honeycomb Grille TK98-7469 SB 110, 210, 230, 310, 400 Unit

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Thermo King Reefer Honeycomb Grille

At PitStop, we offer a wide selection of protective grilles that you can install on your trucks. These side grilles, radiator grilles, and other grille designs will aid in front-end airflow and shield your truck from certain damage. This grille is durably made for your Thermo King Reefers. When paired with our other Thermo King body parts, you can keep your refrigeration unit functional and protected during any drive.  


How To Use A Thermo King Honeycomb Grille

This grille can be attached to your Thermo King SB 110, 210, 230, 310, and 400 models. The honeycomb design of this grille provides excellent airflow and helps to protect the refrigeration unit from dirt, debris, and other environmental factors. Plus, the curbside placement of the aftermarket grille allows for easy access and maintenance of the refrigeration unit. 


Please note the hardware needed for a secure installation is not included in your purchase. To ensure the grille is attached correctly and functions properly, professional installation is recommended. Contact us for more information or with any questions you have, or visit PitStop’s location along I-80 in Joliet, Illinois.


Product Specs

Original Thermo King Part Number: 98-7469

Brand: Aftermarket

Fits: SB 110, 210, 230 310, and 400 models

Notes: No hardware included

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