Volvo VNL New Gen 2018-Current Stainless Steel Chrome Bumper Assembly

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Volvo VNL Bumper Assemblies

Upgrade or replace your Volvo VNL truck bumper with a new bumper assembly from PitStop. Our selection of complete bumpers and bumper sets includes a fit for your old- or new-generation models that will provide on-the-road protection from harsh weather conditions and other damage. Each bumper assembly can be installed as a durable full bumper with just a few pieces of hardware so you can get back on the road quickly. 


Volvo Stainless Steel Chrome Bumper Assembly

This bumper assembly is made to fit your new-generation Volvo VNL models from 2018 to 2023. It is constructed of long-lasting stainless steel and has a total width of 17 inches. The bumper has fog light cutouts and tow hook openings to securely fit around the accessories on your truck. Proper installation is made easy with the brackets and mounting hardware included with your purchase. 

Please note that we do not offer shipping for this item — you must pick it up at our location in Joliet, Illinois, which can easily be found off Interstate 80. When you come to pick up your new bumper assembly, ask us about the other services we have to offer. For any questions about this bumper or other Volvo parts, contact us


Product Specs

Fits: Volvo new-generation 2018-current VNLs

Material: Stainless steel

Notes: Fog light and tow hook openings. Brackets and mounting hardware included

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