How To Mount Mud Flaps On Your Truck

How To Mount Mud Flaps On Your Truck

If you have recently purchased a new set of mud flaps for a semi truck, you may have some trouble if you are installing them for the first time. However, once you learn about the parts and the method, you'll be able to install or replace your mud flaps in no time.

What Is The Difference Between A Hanger, A Mount, And A Bracket?

Brackets, mounts, and hangers are necessities for your truck for a sturdy mud flap installation. There is a slight difference in appearance between some mounts, brackets, or hangers such as their shape, but other than that, these all share the same purpose: securing your mud flap. 

As for the other parts used, some mud flaps will come with a set of screws, washers, and other hardware for installation into the hooks or holes on your bracket. If not, you may have to search for the hardware that you need based on the instructions you find. 

How to Install Mud Flaps

The first thing you want to do is to check your truck model's manual. Once you have an understanding of this, the mud flaps, and the hardware necessary for installation, you can begin the next step.

Give yourself some space to successfully install your mud flaps. Clean the surface of your vehicle around the area where you will be working, which in this case is around your wheel wells and tires. 

Check your new mud flaps to see if they have any markings on them to indicate which side of the truck they should go on — driver’s side or passenger side — and if they are used for the front or back wheel. 

Now you can begin the installation process. Your truck model may already have screws that are tightened into factory-made holes to make installing mud flaps easier. If your model has not come with these screws, or the holes are not there, you may have to drill them yourself using your mud flap hanger as a guide.

If you need to drill holes while using your hanger or bracket as a guide, mark where the holes for screws would need to go, and carefully drill the holes, making sure they are the right size for the screw. You might also want to do a practice install of the screws before you attach your actual mud flaps to the hanger.

Once your screws are installed (but not fully tightened to the truck), place any nuts in your hardware kit underneath the mud flap, and install the mud flaps onto their respective hangers. After this, you can adjust your mud flap and tightened the screws as needed into your truck, but be sure not to tighten them too much.

Benefits Of Mud Flaps For Your Truck

Mud flaps are a great addition to your truck because of the added protection that they provide. They catch dirt, mud, and other debris that is swept up off of the road, and prevent this debris from scratching up or dirtying your vehicle. 

Find the Best Mud Flap for Your Truck

When looking for the right mud flap, you will want to read instructions specific to your truck model. It is the most convenient to check your manual for the best fit, as there are several types of mud flaps. You'll also want to check the mud flap sizes and if they differ for your front and back wheels. 

PitStop has a wide selection of mud flap hangers for you to choose from for your installation. This includes angled, straight, or tapered mud flap hangers that are incredibly easy to install and will help your mud flap installation go much smoother.


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