Ex-Guard Model XG-125 BLACK With Bracket Set Deer Animal Moose Guard Bumper

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If you’re a professional truck driver concerned about potential collisions with animals while traveling long distances, PitStop Truck & Trailer Parts has the protective products you need. Geared to safeguard your truck’s front body against extreme damages, durable animal bumper & bracket sets are sure to keep you safe on the road.


PitStop’s Ex-Guard XG-100 series is an asset to the trucking industry. Ex-Guard unveiled their first set-back axle design to their models with the XG-100 release. The XG-125 grille guard can be easily attached to many different semi-truck models with customized bracket set sizes and configurations available to buy. Protect your semi-truck from accidents and collisions with deer, moose, and large animals with a bumper fitted perfectly to your vehicle. Purchase the XG-125 superior deer guards to keep your vehicle intact after sudden encounters with animals and avoid harmful injury.


Each guard for sale is crafted with high-quality strong materials. PitStop’s Ex-Guard XG-125 animal bumper and bracket set features an exclusive PVC maintenance-free finish. Ex-Guard’s deer guards are made with a strength-to-weight ratio incomparable to many in the industry. The XG-125 animal bumper and bracket set works in conjunction with all of the leading collision mitigation systems including Detroit Assurance, Meritor Wabco, and Bendix Wingman Fusion.


Ready to improve your safety conditions on your route? Buy an XG-125 animal grille guard and bracket set today from PitStop. This Ex-Guard XG-125 deer bumper with bracket set is available in black. The product weighs 210 pounds. Order PitStop’s Ex-Guard XG-125 grille guard model with bracket sets tailored for a multitude of truck models such as Peterbilt, Mack, Kenworth, Freightliner Cascadia, Volvo Vn, Volvo VNL, and more. Please call or message us for availability before ordering. Local pick-up only.


*Please call or message us for availability before ordering.

We do not ship this item, local pick-up only.


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