Ex-Guard Model XG-125 SILVER With Bracket Set Deer Animal Moose Guard Bumper

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Call Before Ordering

Before ordering please call us at this number: 708-388-0404, or message us for bracket availability. At PitStop, we stock heavy-duty animal guard and bracket sets to help protect your vehicle from potential roadside damage and animal collisions. Free Local pick-up, extra freight charge. 


Ex-Guard XG-125 in Silver 

The Ex-Guard XG-100 series is unmatched when it comes to the trucking industry. This deer and moose bumper acts as a built-in safeguard to protect your semi-truck’s front body against sudden crashes with large animals like moose and deer. There are multiple Ex-Guard XG-125 bracket sets available for purchase that offer a seamless attachment to your specific semi-truck model. Professional truck drivers should order the XG-125 premium grille guards to experience a product built with superior durable construction and strong materials for ultimate vehicle protection. 


PitStop’s Ex-Guard XG-125 moose and deer guard model features an exclusive material design made with a PVC maintenance-free finish. Every animal bumper is constructed with one of the best strength-to-weight ratios in the industry.


Local Pickup at PitStop 

Once you’ve confirmed bracket availability with us, you can pick up your animal guard and bracket set at our convenient Joliet, IL location on Interstate 80. You can pick it up, have your guard installed, as well as take part in one of our many services. 

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