International Prostar 2008-2016 Deer Guard Bracket Set

International Prostar 2008-2016 Deer Guard Bracket Set

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With PitStop Truck & Trailer Parts’ wide selection of grille guards and customized bracket sets, drivers can safeguard their truck against animal-involved incidents on the road. Drivers of International Prostar 2008-2016 semi-trucks can purchase easy-to-use bracket sets to go with PitStop’s high-quality animal bumpers. Properly secured deer guards are integral to a driver’s safety on their route.


Easily affix your heavy-duty grille guard to your International Prostar 2008-2016 vehicle with a premium bracket set designed to work exclusively with your truck’s make and model. When your animal bumper is securely fastened to your truck’s front body, rest assured that you will avoid damages from possible collisions with large animals like deer and moose.


You cannot install a deer guard correctly without the exact bracket set designed for your International Prostar 2008-2016 semi-truck. PitStop’s customized bracket sets are fully packed with the bolts and hardware needed to tightly install a grille guard to a truck’s front. Properly attached grille guards function optimally and provide a safer driving experience for professionals.


The aftermarket bracket sets made especially for International Prostar 2008-2016 vehicles from PitStop reduce the likelihood of hardware damages to steel bumpers. To affix a deer guard properly to your truck, you must buy the precise brackets meant for your International Prostar 2008-2016 semi-truck. It’s possible that a few standard bracket sets can work across semi-truck models, but it’s risky to choose brackets that aren’t specifically tailored to your truck’s configurations. Trust in your safety precautions when you drive out on your route with a PitStop superior deer guard firmly attached to your semi-truck thanks to a premium bracket set.


Shop PitStop’s extensive deer guard selection to provide your truck with adequate safety measures in case you’re faced with crashes with deer or moose. PitStop additionally stocks various bracket sets made exclusively for many major semi-truck models.

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