Mac Pinnacle 2007-2016 Deer Guard Bracket Set

Mac Pinnacle 2007-2016 Deer Guard Bracket Set

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At PitStop, we know it’s common for truck drivers to encounter large animals on their route. To better protect your Mack Pinnacle semi-truck during these dangerous circumstances, buy a new animal guard. Each animal guard can be secured to your truck’s front with these easy-to-use bracket sets made for your vehicle.


PitStop sells aftermarket bracket sets specifically designed for Mack Pinnacle 2007-2016 model trucks. Each bracket set includes the nuts and bolts you need to securely fasten an animal bumper to the front of your vehicle. Not every generic bracket set will work for your truck. It’s important to purchase a bracket set specifically configured to your Mack Pinnacle semi-truck’s size and shape. Though some bracket sets will match across truck models, most sets will work only with certain truck brands. When you buy the right bracket set for your particular truck, you can feel confident in the performance and safety of your guard part.


Install your grille guard to the front end of your truck with the correct bracket sets for Mack Pinnacle 2007-2016 models to offer thorough protection for your vehicle against animal collisions. When you shop for the right deer guard for your truck, make sure to find a matching bracket set available for sale and designated to your semi-truck model. This will allow you to properly install your deer guard in a secure and safe manner.


PitStop offers a wide range of deer guards for sale, as well as several bracket set options made for major truck models.

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